Know us

Our organization is a non-profile organization with an aim to reveal how the environment in recent times affects the health in the nation. We reveal the best in class nature of policy changes designed to protect health and improve the overall quality of life of residents.

We bring independent proficiency and evidence from an active health community to a wide range of decision-making processes. Our team includes, but not limited to doctors, nurses, health professionals, cancer and asthma groups, not-for-profit health insurers, youth groups, environmental NGO’s, women’s groups, scientists and members of public health institutes.

Our organization is completely independent of any commercial interest or political party. We get ever-increasing assistance from private foundations, governments and membership contributions. We focus on and reveal how integration of environmental elements in public health decisions affects everyone in different aspects.

Every member of our network participates in the decision-making body and plays the main role to decide on the strategy, strategic priorities, work program and budget. Our network is categorized by the three levels namely the secretariat team, the executive committee and its members.

We have a commitment to promoting the public health via a healthy environment. Our strategic goals reveal our mission to use and strengthen expertise on health and environment links for enhancing the precautionary policy-making. We make certain that the sustainability of an organization is an influential representative of civil society.

We are here to successfully promote the overall well-being and health via increasing the public participation in policy making associated with health and environment. You can focus o our strong track record in improvement of engagement of expert and public in debates of the World Health Organization and decision-making processes related to the environment and health. .