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Health conscious people worldwide nowadays focus on how our environment affects our health. They have decided to explore the environment in different ways and make positive changes in their routine life. There are many ways in which environment and human health related. It is the most suitable time to focus on how to improve the overall health condition and take care of the environment.

Individuals of every age group have the responsibility to protect our valuable environment from harmful things caused by manmade products. Pollution is one of the major problems to the nature and human beings. Many people worldwide nowadays suffer from water pollution and air pollution.

It is the most suitable to be aware of what we can do and protect our environment while improving our health. Even though little contribution from your side does not immediately make a notable enhancement to the environment, you can begin a step now and encourage your kith and kin to make our environment as good as possible. Everyone has a busy schedule at this time and decided to achieve their career, fitness, wealth or any other goal. They have to think and ensure about the overall importance of improving the environment and health on a regular basis.